Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Event in Context: Rocky Horror Show

Many people have a favorite cult film, one that they come back to time and time again. And for many people, that film is 1975's Rocky Horror Picture Show.

When Brad Majors and Janet Weiss's car breaks down in the woods, the two have to seek refuge in the ominous castle of an eccentric transvestite. This decision ends up being one of the most eventful of their lives when things take a decided turn for the strange.

While this film received only lukewarm reviews on its release (its metascore on IMDb is only 55/100), the film has garnered a massive cult following since its release, largely due to the campy musical numbers and satirically overacted performances. Many fans who attend showings come dressed in costumes from the film. In addition, a number of traditions have sprung up around the film, including the painting of V's on the cheeks of Rocky Horror "virgins" and the use of props during the film, all of which are seen as perfectly normal and acceptable.

So, when you come to the show, don't be shocked by the traditions. Just shout along and follow the lead of those around you.

The event is Thursday, August 29th at 7 PM in the Meridian Ballroom.